Aug 27 2010

Today’s DEPSECDEF plagiarized his predecessor’s ”wake-up call”

This proves the Pentagon hit the snooze button for eleven years
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The U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense elected to declassify a horrifying cyber-attack that took place against the Pentagon. We learned that he’d given the president of the United States a series of briefings as the attack unfolded. We learned he reorganized the military as a direct result of this attack. Upon declassification, he publicly labeled it “the most organized and systematic attack” the Pentagon had ever seen. Skeptics quickly ridiculed his claims. In his call to arms, he warned that “without achieving Information Superiority we will, very simply, not be able to achieve the goals established in Joint Vision 2010.”

Take John Hamre’s absurd panoply from the late 1990s … change the dates & names … and you’ve got William Lynn’s absurd panoply!

“Yes, Rob, we know all about William J. Lynn III. Get to your point.” Wrong!

I’m talking about Lynn’s predecessor, John J. Hamre, who in 1998 went off the deep end after three teenagers tried to hack their way into the Air Force Information Warfare Center. These boys picked on what was (arguably?) the best-defended network in USAF — yet the antics of these “Li’l Rascals” convinced Hamre to give the president himself a series of briefings.

Hamre tried for awhile to defend his absurd panoply in a vain attempt to protect his ego. In the end, though, he gave up the fight. The Pentagon promptly hit the snooze button on Hamre’s “wake-up call.”

Flash forward eleven years to the next event. The U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense came out to announce a devastating cyber-attack had taken place against the Pentagon. He labeled it—

—ah, but I repeat myself. You see, William Lynn plagiarized John Hamre’s Banana Splits script.

We can expect Lynn will quickly rise up to defend his absurd panoply in a vain attempt to protect his ego. It only remains for the Pentagon to hit the snooze button on Lynn’s “wake-up call.” Only then will Lynn’s plagiarism be complete.

Let me sidetrack to explain why someone like Hamre or Lynn would brief the president and reorganize the Pentagon over such a silly event.

Believe it or not, absurdities like this happen from time to time. I’ll give you a perfect example:

What we know today as Saudi Arabia came about because Ibn Saud took twenty men into the city of Riyadh to claim a land he felt belonged to his family. The Rashidi governor capitulated because he couldn’t believe a man in his right mind would storm the gates with less than two dozen soldiers at his side. He figured Ibn Saud had a full army waiting outside the city, so he gave up the keys to the kingdom and died while trying to flee.

Now, we Americans don’t like to believe a government as advanced and as powerful and as republican as ours — that men with literal access to the nuclear button — would do something so insanely foolish. And yet you can’t help but stare in disbelief at the cyber escapades of William Lynn & John Hamre. They’re the U.S. version of the Rashidi governor.

Time for me to login to Craigslist. “Critic seeks twenty loyal men who will join quest to hit the Pentagon’s snooze button…”


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