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Resources | Hysteria roll call: Russ Cooper

Cooper's chutzpah, part 2
Vmyths editor Rob Rosenberger exposes more chutzpah from TruSecure 'surgeon general' Russ Cooper. Now he chastises fearmongers as if he's the token computer security critic...
Cooper's chutzpah in the Code Red hysteria
Vmyths editor Rob Rosenberger exposes the chutzpah of TruSecure 'surgeon general' Russ Cooper. First he told reporters Code Red would cause "the meltdown of the Internet." Then he gave reporters the same "meltdown" prediction for Code Red II. After his predictions tanked -- twice! -- Cooper told a reporter he questions the motives of publicity-hungry security experts...
Cooper again predicts 'the meltdown of the Internet'
TruSecure "surgeon general" Russ Cooper (his actual corporate title) predicted Code Red would cause "the meltdown of the Internet." His prediction flopped, so he told reporters "the Internet is melting slowly." But then Code Red II came along, so Cooper re-predicted a meltdown. His second prophesy tanked, too. Then Vmyths editor Rob Rosenberger notices something interesting -- TruSecure started bragging that its customers were saved from the predicted meltdown...
'Surgeon generals' and other security clowns
Vmyths editor Rob Rosenberger critiques TruSecure for giving Russ Cooper the title of surgeon general. "The computer security industry runs around in clown costumes. They treat CB handles & corporate titles & technical analyses as an inside joke, yet they get miffed when society doesn't take them seriously..."
Cooper predicts 'the meltdown of the Internet'
TruSecure "surgeon general" Russ Cooper (his actual corporate title) told a Reuters reporter the Code Red worm is "[powerful] enough to cause the meltdown of the Internet." Remember when the ILoveYou virus killed the Internet last year? Cooper said Code Red is "huge" by comparison. Vmyths editor Rob Rosenberger hopes Cooper's prediction comes to pass. "Call me jaded, but I want to see the Internet writhe in agony..."
NTBUGTRAQ 'call to action' is a yawner
Russ Cooper, the self-described "surgeon general of the Internet," received international media exposure when he wrote a diatribe about a "new" email exploit. His outright "call to action" piqued reporters' curiosity -- but Vmyths editor Rob Rosenberger just yawned...

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