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Resources | Hysteria roll call: Anti-Virus Headquarters Inc.

AVHQ controversy, part 3
Vmyths editor Rob Rosenberger reports the demise of AVHQ, who "decided to end it all on a satirical note... The official site for 'Anti-Virus Headquarters Inc.' now displays the Heaven's Gate logo..."
Interesting coincidences with
Vmyths editor Rob Rosenberger exposes some "interesting coincidences" between the AVHQ controversy and the controversy. "The astute insider knows iRiS licenses its technology to Cheyenne -- which, as you know, recently suffered embarrassment when I exposed's secret ties to one of their employees. Cheyenne's employee provided an 'independent' service, whereas iRiS' website coincidentally would provide a complementary 'independent' magazine..."
AVHQ controversy, part 2
The antivirus-testing website disappeared soon after Vmyths editor Rob Rosenberger exposed its hidden ties to antivirus vendor Cheyenne (the antivirus division of Computer Associates). Public emails posted on CompuServe also disappeared. Rosenberger asks some important philosophical questions. For example, "did Richard Levey raid Cheyenne's virus library for '3,500 unique macro virus samples and over 27,000 unique com, exe and boot sector viruses'? If so, did someone at Computer Associates authorize it, or did Levey act on his own?"
AVHQ hides its ties to Cheyenne
Vmyths editor Rob Rosenberger exposes hidden ties between AVHQ and antivirus vendor Cheyenne. "Cheyenne's software came out as the winner in every single test performed so far by"

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