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Resources | Hysteria roll call: Steve Gibson

Gibson 1, Microsoft 0
"No jokes, no sarcasm, no burlesque, no satire," says Vmyths editor Rob Rosenberger. "I hereby declare Steve Gibson won his long battle with Microsoft over 'raw sockets.' It took three years for the folks in Redmond to finally cave in to his media crusade. They implemented Gibson's flawed thinking in Windows XP Service Pack 2..."
More...'s worst enemy is ... Steve Gibson?!?
Media darling Steve Gibson loves to document hacker attacks against his site, Vmyths tallied all of the officially publicized Internet outages from May 2001 through May 2004. Evildoers whacked the site 15 times -- and Gibson himself whacked the site 13 times! Memo to Steve: you gotta stop whacking yourself...
Comedy vs. hysteria
In this multi-part series of columns, Vmyths editor Rob Rosenberger looks at the role of comedy vs. hysteria. "Gibson uses hysteria for a simple reason. It works. It draws the unwashed masses to him... Vmyths uses comedy for a simple reason. It works. It draws the elite minority to us; it exposes the fearmongers' absurdies..."
Raw sockets: two years and counting (down?)
Vmyths editor Rob Rosenberger marks the second anniversary of Steve Gibson's screamfest about the coming death of the Internet -- all because Microsoft decided to follow an entrenched Internet specification...
Raw Sockets Revisited: What Happened to the End of the Internet?
VirusMD senior security consultant Seth Fogie (writing here for informIT) ponders why the Internet remains so viable more than a year after Steve Gibson spouted his "raw sockets" hysteria. "To date, there have been no major DoS [denial of service] attacks that can be attributed to this additional feature. When this warning was released, most of the security community disregarded it as a method of getting attention..."
Gibson invents broken SYNcookies
Thomas C. Greene of The Register bashes Gibson for claiming he independently came up with a well-known theory to protect web servers against SYN flood attacks. "Gibson is so infatuated with the self-created myth of his own genius that he can't be bothered to consult Bernstein and Schenk, or anyone else for that matter, but goes it alone, inspired only by his overweening pride and essential incompetence... I think he deliberately set out to knock-off SYNcookies and simply failed because the work was too difficult. He's not an übergeek; he just plays one on his Web site... No human being could have his head that far up his own ass -- not even Steve Gibson..."
'WinXP hole' misrepresented by Gibson
AnchorIS CIO Tim Mullen rails against Steve Gibson's "UPnP exploit" hysteria. "So many people have rushed to be authorities on this bug that many didn't bother to get their facts straight before posting fixes and writing articles about it... And of course Steve Gibson jumped on the bandwagon with a page dedicated to saturating the issue with his own special blend of FUD [fear, uncertainty, and doubt] that is almost elevated to an art form..."
Security concerns wrapped in a patriotic flag
Vmyths editor Rob Rosenberger takes Gibson to task for wrapping his computer security message in a patriotic flag. "Your lax computer security no longer jeopardizes just yourself -- now you jeopardize the United States of America and all She stands for. Shame on you for endangering your fellow Americans..."
'Online Tonight' with David Lawrence (8/15/01)
"Online Tonight" host David Lawrence scheduled a half-hour interview with Vmyths editor Rob Rosenberger. But it stretched into two hours when Steve Gibson called in... (MP3 audio transcript provided by "Online Tonight" and made available here with permission.)
Poor Internet, we hardly knew ye
Vmyths editor Rob Rosenberger notes Steve Gibson "issued a 'press advisory' after he made a horrifying discovery. Code Red exploits the fact some people don't set their computer clocks correctly! (All time-based payloads exploit this fact, but let's not digress)..."

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