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America vs. cyber-terrorism
When the World Trade Center towers collapsed, fearmongers rushed to the media, screaming how a cyber-terrorist could do even more to America from the comfort of his parents' basement in the middle of the Iraqi desert. Ironically, if the U.S. government plans to fight an ethereal concept known as terrorism, it may need to hype up the bogeyman of cyber-terrorism...
Code Red worm
Fearmongers predicted this über-threat would cause "the meltdown of the Internet" and "seriously degrade" America's ability to function as a first-world superpower nation. Yet the media grew bored while they waited for the predicted death of computing...
The China Syndrome
Antivirus firms still give virus technology to the Chinese government in return for market access...
Israel-Palestine 'cyber war'
Put yourself in the shoes of an Israeli or Palestinian whose child died in street fighting. How would you feel if a bureaucrat compared your loss to a bad AOL connection?

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