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Resources | Special coverage: The China Syndrome

Never had a lot to lose: Viruses for Fu Manchu
In part 2 of The China Syndrome, editor-at-large George C. Smith "remembers the good ol' days when sub rosa virus collections went overseas for a single Ben Franklin and the promise of three hundred viruses would've resulted in the huckster being laughed out of the 'marketplace' as a hopeless fool..."
The China Syndrome, part 1
Editor Rob Rosenberger discusses the Wall Street Journal revelation. It makes the antivirus industry look like a bunch of Daddy Warbucks, and it makes the White House National Security Council look like the Keystone Kops... But what does it all mean to Joe SixPack?
Wall Street Journal investigative report
Investigative reporter Ted Bridis exposes antivirus vendors who gave viruses to the Chinese government...
Chinese police to oversee all virus research editor Rob Rosenberger notes in passing in 1998: "China's Ministry of Public Security (the national police force) now oversees all computer virus research..."

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