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Audio files for talk show hosts
Computer talk show hosts will enjoy our "4radio" resource. We took our most important audio clips and tweaked them for airwave & Internet radio stations. Hosts can play these clips free of charge, of course. Keep them on hand the next time experts start screaming about a deadly über-virus...

NOTE: it's a 23MB download right now

Airwave & Internet computer talk shows can also play editor Rob Rosenberger's MP3 "audio rants" free of charge. Click the link below to hear the complete 2002 lineup.

I just received a press release from an antivirus firm. What should I look for?
Does it warn of a new computer virus threat? Many PR wonks raise the specter of a global catastrophe to hook you into reading further. Look for this key opening phrase: "the new [sexy name] virus will wreak havoc on [specific date]."

Does the press release claim this new virus "can avoid detection by many anti-virus products"? Many firms will imply competitors' products cannot yet deal with this new threat. Surf to other antivirus company websites to see if they already posted an update. If not, wait 24 hours -- copycats may send out a press release implying only they can detect the new threat.

I'd like to interview you guys. How do I get in touch?
Email, phone, netmeeting, satellite, on-site ... rush hour, night owl, five minutes, one hour ... our experts take "the other side" when they see computer security hysteria: Looking for a phone interview? Our folks can think on their feet during call-in shows. Rob & George sound crisp on 'night owl' radio.

Looking for a satellite interview? Our folks clean up well for TV. George lives in Pasadena, CA. Rob lives near Iowa City & Cedar Rapids, IA. Robert lives in Braeside, Ontario, Canada.

Looking for a NetMeeting interview? Rob does them at T1 speed.

Editor's candid self-assessment
Rob Rosenberger A professional industry observer who now fights virus hysteria as a full-time job. Does not work for or invest in antivirus companies. Previously a hobbyist industry observer (1988-1999) employed by day as a typical corporate computer security analyst. Correctly dismissed as an altruistic nobody until 1997 when his efforts started to impact Wall Street's antivirus stock prices. Enjoys media attention but has never agressively pursued it (Vmyths' advertising crew now pursues it for him).
Website summary descriptions
10 words... learn the truth about computer virus myths and hoaxes.

25 words... everything you always wanted to know about computer virus myths, hoaxes, hysteria, and urban legends, but were too afraid (literally!) to ask.

50 words... everything you always wanted to know about computer virus myths, hoaxes, hysteria, and urban legends, but were too afraid (literally!) to ask. Edited by Rob Rosenberger, one of the "original" virus experts from the 1980s. The website is not supported by antivirus advertising.

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See what others have said before you take our site at face value...
More... website charter
Every professional website needs a charter to keep it from wandering aimlessly...

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