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A note of thanks to everyone who recommends our site
A website is only as popular as the people who recommend it, and Vmyths thanks everyone who recommends our site. We can't list all of our kudos, but we do want to brag about some of the biggest awards & accolades we've received...
PC Magazine: Top 100 web sites you didn't know you couldn't live without
PC Magazine PC Magazine lauded the "top 100 web sites you didn't know you couldn't live without" in their 25 March 2003 issue. "Even if you're too macho to admit being taken in by a hoax virus warning," they noted, "at least you probably know someone who's been had. Next time, before you forward a message to everyone you know, check to find a list of hoaxes, ways to spot 'em, and interesting if snarky commentary on the phenomenon."
Yahoo: The Ultimate 2002 Reference To The Web
Yahoo: Ultimate 2002 Reference Yahoo's Ultimate 2002 Reference To The Web "categoriz[es] the most enduring, most useful and informative sites on the web ... that serve either as the ideal destination or as a great point of departure for additional searches." Exactly one site appears in the "computer security" category. "The tone [at Vmyths] is humorously strident and certainly worth reading. It will make you think twice about the real impact of viruses versus the media-generated impact."
Page-A-Day Calendar
Page-A-Day Calendar "The Whole Internet" Page-A-Day Calendar goes "beyond the sites everyone knows [to] highlight the undiscovered needles in the electronic haystack." Only 365 sites get the spotlight each year; it takes a special website to get the same nod twice. Vmyths (back then known as the Computer Virus Myths home page) earned a spot in the Page-A-Day Calendar in 1999, and we did it again in 2002. "Think about all those stories you've heard about the friend of a friend whose hard drive was annihilated by one virus or another. Before you buy the story, visit [Vmyths] for the straight dope about about the many hoaxes floating around out there..."
Network World 'On Security' newsletter
Mich E. Kabay is an associate professor of Computer Information Systems -- and one of the most respected experts from the "early days" of computer viruses. He writes a popular email newsletter column on security for Network World. In a July 2001 column which didn't see publication, Kabay declared Vmyths "the most comprehensive and well-run hoax site on the Internet... The site features hard-hitting commentary from Rosenberger and his bebunking friends such as George C. Smith (author of the 1994 classic, The Virus Creation Labs: A Journey into the Underground)... This site deserves an award for the exaltation of skepticism and common sense. [Vmyths] can be listed in every network security handbook as the first place to look for a quick take on whether a warning you get from a friend is bogus or not."
Information Security best content for 2000
Information Security magazine Information Security magazine lauded "some of the best and most dynamic" computer security websites in their December 2000 issue. Vmyths "is still the best place to start if you have any questions about malware hoaxes," they wrote. "[The] site has proven itself as having in-depth coverage of virus hoaxes... Be prepared for both entertainment and edification."
USA Today
USA Today It takes a lot to get the nod as a USA Today "hot site." It takes even more to get the same nod twice -- once on 2 September 1997 (back then known as the Computer Virus Myths home page), and again on 10 April 2000. Then there was that big April Fool's coverage on 31 March 1998...
Yahoo! Internet Life 100 Best Sites for 2000
Yahoo! Internet Life Vmyths (back then known as the Computer Virus Myths home page) has earned multiple citations in Yahoo! Internet Life as a great place to learn about virus hoaxes. Their accolades date back to February 1997 -- and in January 2000 they named Vmyths as one of the 100 places to surf in the year 2000.
Brill's Content, June 1999
Brill's Content Brill's Content takes a critical look at the world of journalism. They turned their attention to the media hype behind the Melissa virus in a June 1999 story -- and they turned to Vmyths (back then known as the Computer Virus Myths home page) to cross-verify some aspects of the hype.
Microsoft founder Bill Gates, 25 Mar 1998
Bill Gates Bill Gates -- yes, the Bill Gates -- chimed in on the problem of chain letter hoaxes in a 25 March 1998 column reprinted in newspapers around the country. "Even more annoying than spam, in some respects, are hoaxes. I'm acutely aware of this because my name was recently attached to a hoax e-mail message that was widely distributed..." Microsoft's founder mentioned three hoax-busting websites. The first one on the list? Vmyths (back then known as the Computer Virus Myths home page).

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