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AFCERT advisory, 12 Feb 97
AFCERT The U.S. Air Force suffered its own rash of computer virus hoaxes as email grew popular. Following in U.S. DoE CIAC's footsteps (see below), their own computer emergency response team issued an alert on 12 February 1997 regarding virus hoaxes. And they highlighted Vmyths (back then known as the Computer Virus Myths home page). For many months afterward, AFCERT's website linked to us right on their front page -- a truly rare honor for a non-military website.
Internet Underground #1 Site of the Year, 1996
Internet Underground magazine Internet Underground began publishing in the mid-1990s when the web started to take off. They lauded Vmyths (back then known as the Computer Virus Myths home page) in the September 1996 issue -- and then they named it the #1 site of the year in their December issue.
U.S. DoE CIAC advisory, 20 Nov 1996
U.S. DoE CIAC The U.S. Department of Energy's "Computer Incident Advisory Capability" is one of the oldest and most respected security agencies on the Internet. They issued an alert on 20 November 1996 about virus hoaxes. The only hoax-busting website they recommended besides themselves? Vmyths (back then known as the Computer Virus Myths home page).

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