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Resources | Oh, the humanity! Previous 'cyber wars' (archive)

South Pole vs. Romania
"On May 3rd, network administrators for US Antarctic Program and the South Pole Station received an anonymous e-mail with the subject line 'South Pole Station Servers HACKED.' 'This is a message from earth to earth, do you copy?,' the [email] began. The message demanded money, and threatened to sell information stolen from the network 'to another country,' according to the FBI. To establish their bona fides, the intruders attached a sample of data lifted from the South Pole network..."
Sri Lanka vs. a ship's anchor
"Internet and international telephone services have been disrupted in Sri Lanka after a ship's anchor is believed to have damaged an undersea cable connecting the island to the rest of the world. More than 800,000 Internet and phone users have had their services hit by the damage..."
Libya vs. IANA
"Libya's top-level domain doesn't appear to point anywhere at all [due to a unilateral action by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority]. It should have primary and secondary name servers where all the details of .ly domains are contained. But nothing. In short, .ly has ceased to exist..."
200,000 hackers vs. the 2004 Olympics
"Olympics organizers are bracing themselves for a wave of cyberattacks once the games are under way... [The computer security] team will be responsible for sifting through some 200,000 alerts from system logs each day..."
Iraq vs. USA
The U.S. braces for terror -- physical and digital -- due to an impending Gulf War v2.0. FBI NIPC issues (yet another) public warning of possible cyber-attacks, which (of course) might cause far more damage to the United States than a physical attack...
South Korea vs. the Olympics
You disqualify our skater? We disqualify your email server... (Yet another military strategy stolen from Serbia. See below, in the archives.)
[unknown protesters] vs. World Bank
Somebody declared a cyber-war against the World Bank, but The Guardian didn't go so far as to name them. Reporters John Vidal & Charlotte Denny quoted "one [unnamed] protester/hacker who specialises in IT protests"...
China vs. USA
An agressive Chinese pilot bumped his heavily armed fighter jet into an unarmed U.S. spy plane. "America 1, China 0." So a bunch of 14yr-old sore losers decided to wipe out the western hemisphere beginning 1 May. They expect it will take only a week to complete the carnage...

(Mind you, China's hackers failed to destroy NATO's email server after the accidental bombing of their embassy in the Kosovo region. See below.)

Cybergang A vs. cybergang B
The ILoveYou virus destroyed the Internet during a cyberwar between two rival gangs...
Palestine vs. Israel
"Fears of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict spilling into the United States through cyberspace were raised this week... [but] there is no imminent threat of injury or loss of life from cyberattacks, experts say..."

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