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Resources | Oh, the humanity! A current list of 'cyber wars'

Crackers vs. USA
"A new hacking group composed of worldwide individuals (from Brazil, China, Hong Kong and Russia) has declared cyberwar on the United States of America," a firm called Zone-H warned in a news release. "Its name is Hackers Against America (HAA) ... it is probably not a hoax and it could grow in the future, just keep an eye on it."
North Korea vs. South Korea
"Computers are a rarity among North Korea's hunger-stricken 22 million population. Visitors say the Internet is available only at a few hotels in the capital, Pyong-yang. Yet, 'North Korea is reinforcing its cyber-terror capabilities...' "
Russia vs. Chechen rebels
"'We are amazed Russia's special services can operate so freely on U.S. territory,' Udugov told Reuters by e-mail..."
China vs. the Dalai Lama
"There have been repeated attempts to infect systems used by the exiled spiritual leader. This takes the form of a computer virus which attempts to send information back to China, Jigme Tsering, manager of the Tibetan Computer Resource Centre told [the Associated Press]..."
Pakistan vs. India
"Pakistan is not restricting itself to pushing terrorists across the border to India... Among the covert [sic] activities, it has most significantly started supporting and funding groups involved in cyber attacks on Indian networks. Such cyber attacks have been directed against the Indian government and corporate networks. These cyber attacks get intensified when the physical skirmishes and tensions escalate between the two nations. During the Pokharan nuclear blasts in 1998..."
Cuba vs. America (anticipated)
"The Bush administration has begun a review of Cuba policy that will include an assessment of whether Cuba can disrupt U.S. military communications through the Internet, a senior official says... Richard Clarke, the White House technology adviser, said in testimony in February before a Senate Judiciary subcommittee, that the United States could respond militarily against [Cuba] in the event of a cyberattack..."
America vs. Osama bin Virus
When the World Trade Center towers collapsed, fearmongers rushed to the media, screaming how a cyber-terrorist could do even more to America from the comfort of his parents' basement. Ironically, if the U.S. government plans to fight an ethereal concept known as terrorism, it may need to hype up the bogeyman of cyber-terrorism...
An archive of previous 'cyber wars'
Internet atrocities you probably didn't even know about...

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