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Our 'letters to the editor' section

Vox Populi, Letters to the Editor
Thursday, 14 March 2002

WE GET SOME interesting emails here at Vmyths. And we decided to start publishing them. Our "letters to the editor" section will give you the chance to be a citizen journalist.

Our "letters to the editor" section gives you the chance to be a citizen journalist.

Got a burning anecdote about virus hysteria in your workplace? Got a burning opinion about a little-known controversy in the virus research field? Got a burning critique or rebuttal about something on our website? Jot down your thoughts and send it to Letters@Vmyths.com.

We'll follow the same general submission rules as a local city newspaper. Give us a daytime phone number so we can verify you wrote the letter. ("Daytime" occurs when the sun shines on your chunk of the planet.) If your employer makes a living from computer security products or services, then you must also identify your affiliation.

We reserve the right to print letters at our sole arbitrary discretion and to edit them for clarity & length. At least two of us here must give your letter a thumbs-up before it gets published; we will not notify you if we reject your submission. We will automatically reject letters:

  • from people who request "name withheld" without explanation;
  • from people who don't give us a daytime phone number for verification purposes;
  • deemed overtly slanderous or libelous.

Some helpful hints to get your letter published:

  • Focus on the hysteria angle (the meat of our website), or rant on a computer security topic covered nowhere else (the potatoes of our website).
  • Clarity counts and length doesn't necessarily hurt. We've got enough electrons to go around if you can make your point.
  • Forget the Fog Index. Our readers know long words like dictionary and thesaurus. And they know thesauri didn't thrive in the Cretaceous Period.
  • Write to your audience. If your letter addresses the computer security elitists out there, then write to them. If your letter addresses the intelligent computer users out there, then write to them.
  • Include URL links to accentuate or expand the points you make. See any of the above links for an example.
  • Try to use comedy to make your points. The four coins of our realm are sarcasm, burlesque, irony, and satire. You'll earn brownie points if you link to humorous URLs. But hey, even if you’re not the Soupy Sales of computer security, don’t be discouraged. This would be a pretty dull place if we ruled out everyone who dared to be dry as dust. Textbook or corporate exposition are more than adequate if they convey good ideas.
  • No swearing. Use humorous insults, e.g. "he pulls brown-tinged guesstimates out of his butt." Note: you may use the abbreviation "BS."

You've got the chance to be a citizen journalist here at Vmyths. Go for it!