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Truth about computer security hysteria
Truth About Computer Security Hysteria

Operation Internet Freedom, part 3

Rob Rosenberger, Vmyths co-founder
Saturday, 20 December 2003

Rob Rosenberger OPERATION INTERNET FREEDOM wasn't just a U.S. effort. The photo below shows a Dutch intelligence officer holding a Zip disk on the bed of his 5-ton truck. The disk contains plans for a deadly cyber-terror attack on the U.S. Thanks to the supreme efforts of the Dutch "C-2" counter-cyber-terrorism unit, we very nearly thwarted Saddam Hussein's diabolical plan to remotely destroy America's oh-so-fragile critical infrastructure.

Photo ca.mid-Aug 03, Rob Rosenberger, Tallil AB, Iraq

Sadly, our coalition forces in Iraq only "very nearly" thwarted the planned attacks. As you may know, one prominent expert wonders if someone remotely destroyed America's power grid on 14 August. I can assure you that cyber-terrorists working for Saddam Hussein did it. Then they viciously caused Her Majesty's power grid to collapse on 28 August. Then Hussein's cyber-terrorists viciously caused all of Italy to lose power on 28 September.

Do you see the {ahem} "coincidences" here? Add 14 to 14 August and you get 28 August. Add a month to August and you get 28 September. The cyber-terrorists left diabolical clues just to taunt us!

Words cannot adequately describe how our coalition troops felt when we realized we failed our mission to stop cyber-terrorism. The photo below shows me praying over a copy of Time magazine's kneetear-jerking "blackout" issue at the birthplace of the prophet Abraham (see Genesis 12:1) on my own birthday:

Photo 4 Oct 03, Rob Rosenberger, Tallil AB, Iraq

When it comes to cyber-terrorism, your prayers need every edge they can get. I laid my copy of Time's "blackout" issue upon one of the most holy floors on Earth and surrounded it with my combat Rosary (right), my Catholic military prayer book (bottom), my combat Bible (left), a bag of "9/11" medical airlift commemorative coins (top), and a copy of "What Every American Should Know About the Rest of the World."

I'm glad I risked my life in Iraq during "Operation Internet Freedom." If I helped to rid the world of even one cyber-terrorist, then it was worth it. May heaven have mercy on our networks.

[Continued in part 4]

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