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Truth about computer security hysteria
Truth About Computer Security Hysteria

Operation Internet Freedom, part 2

Rob Rosenberger, Vmyths co-founder
Wednesday, 17 December 2003

Rob Rosenberger U.S. CENTRAL COMMAND General Order 1A prohibits personal sidearms. Sadly, our military doesn't issue all of the life-saving defensive & offensive weaponry our soldiers need — so they use their own meager paychecks to fill in the gaps. (Teachers do the same for their students, but let's not digress.)

I may face a court-marshal because of the photo below. It shows my own personal sidearm, which saved my life on two occasions during "Operation Internet Freedom." As you can plainly see, I carried my Lexar 256MB USB keychain drive "cocked & locked" in its camouflage holster:

Photo ca.mid-Oct 03, Rob Rosenberger, Tallil AB, Iraq

Cyber-terrorists are a nasty bunch. For one thing, you can't count on them to obey the Geneva cyber-conventions. Those slimeballs will even lob a "ping o' death" at any ambulance with an onboard computer. We found this deadly "how to" manual in every single cyber-terrorist hideout we raided:

Photo ca.mid-Oct 03, Rob Rosenberger, Tallil AB, Iraq

I'm glad I risked my life in Iraq during "Operation Internet Freedom." If I helped to rid the world of even one cyber-terrorist, then it was worth it.

[Continued in part 3]

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