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Truth about computer security hysteria
Truth About Computer Security Hysteria

The return of Blitzkrieg, part 2

Rob Rosenberger, Vmyths co-founder
Monday, 30 October 2000 DEAR ANONYMOUS CALLER, Thank you for complaining about my Blitzkrieg investigative report. However, you berated the wrong people. My contract with ScreenSaver.com gives me full editorial control over Vmyths.com. They basically just host the site, you know. Please dial (319) 646-2800 to reach me directly.
An anonymous caller claims I placed human lives in jeopardy — just by divulging a common domain registration record.
Your phone call on Friday caught ScreenSaver.com off-guard — because I stopped talking to them for legal reasons while I researched my investigative report. I didn't even explain myself when I stopped talking to them. I did it to further shield them from Larry Wood's lawsuit threats. So again, please call me with any complaints. Three-one-nine, six-four-six, twenty-eight hundred. I hope you'll offer a detailed rebuttal to my "shoddy" investigative report. A "hack" who writes trash "riddled with inaccuracies" needs all the help he can get. However, I regret to say you spouted a few inaccuracies during your phone call:
  1. You insisted I placed a woman and a child in jeopardy by divulging Sunyata Systems' address. I obtained it from publicly available domain registration records and compared it to New Jersey's publicly available incorporation records. Please complain to Sunyata Systems if they endangered innocent lives.
  2. You claimed someone contacted the FBI about my investigative report. You even gave the name & number of an agent as a point of contact. So I called. Sadly, the person didn't know a thing about it. I sincerely apologized for wasting FBI's valuable time.
  3. You said a FutureVision Group soldier-for-hire died two years ago in South America. (During "training maneuvers," right?) I'll notify Sergeant Hamilton of his untimely demise.
One final thing, Mr. Anonymous — I hope you'll identify yourself when you call me. Saying "it's irrelevant who I am" just doesn't cut it with me. Larry Wood knows the name of his critics and I expect the same of mine.
BLITZKRIEG UPDATE: THOSE of you who read the report know Lisa Wood supposedly "spawned the concept of 'advertorials.' " Information warfare pundit Winn Schwartau (InfoWar.com) dismissed her claim to fame. "Advertorials? Ha! I've been doing them for 15 years and I stole the idea from a Good Housekeeping ad in 1984." Blitzkrieg creator Larry Wood called my private cell phone on Friday. (I presume ScreenSaver.com gave him the number by accident.) I hung up after telling him I didn't have a recording machine handy. This guy threatens to sue me, then he wants to shoot the breeze? Bah. Wood immediately redialed; I let voicemail pick it up.
Larry Wood threatened a lawsuit before he knew about my investigative report. Now he suddenly calls to shoot the breeze? Bah.
Seems he just wanted to discuss the "inaccuracies" in my document. Interesting — he used the same word as the anonymous caller who yelled at ScreenSaver.com earlier that day. FutureVision Group & Sunyata Systems continue to add content to their websites. If you know what an IP packet looks like, then you'd better sit down. Comfortable? Okay, now study the image on this web page. "Every Blitzkrieg IW agent has a complete understanding of how to use and manipulate all the optional field information in the industry standard IP header." Another website addition shows a thank-you note from the Commandant of the Marine Corps. It somehow proves the Commandant is "a strong supporter of Laurence Wood's work." Hmmm, I once received a vielen dank from a German flag officer. Does it mean I have NATO's backing? Speaking of short letters... I sent an email today to Wood's GovernmentSales address:
I invite you to post a rebuttal to my recent investigative report. You may of course write at any length and update it as often as you wish. I also request (1) a stable URL where you will store it; and (2) a non-exclusive perpetual license to distribute it. In return, I will provide links to your rebuttal on Vmyths.com in columns which mention the investigative report.
We'll see what happens. Stay tuned.