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5/31/01 correction & apology

Vea Culpa, Corrections editor
Thursday, 31 May 2001 Editor Rob Rosenberger posted a "sulfnbk.exe virus" details page and filed a corresponding Hysteria Alert on 29 May 2001. On the details page, Rosenberger declared:
Microsoft's claim contradicts details found on McAfee's website and agrees with details found on Symantec's website. Vmyths.com dismisses McAfee's information as inaccurate... We expect McAfee will soon correct their virus information library.
In the Hysteria Alert, Rosenberger declared:
CAUTION: McAfee's website contains a BAD write-up on the chain letter. We expect they will soon correct their virus information library.
Rosenberger wrote some personal notes and took a snapshot of the "bad" page for reference purposes. An email from McAfee virus expert Jimmy Kuo asked a simple question. "What is it about McAfee's hoax page that you don't think is right?" Rosenberger discovered a serious error between his notes and McAfee's web page when he tried to answer Kuo's question. McAfee's website contained good details on the sulfnbk.exe hysteria. Rosenberger placed telephone calls to Jimmy Kuo, Sal Viveros, and McAfee's public relations team in an attempt to apologize. Vmyths.com tries to emulate the corrections philosophy seen in Brill's Content magazine. Rosenberger's error went out to the Hysteria Alert mailing list — so we will file a correction notice on the same mailing list. The archived Hysteria Alert will strikeout the offending text, with a "retracted with apology" notice placed immediately after it (linked to this page). Vmyths.com treats the sulfnbk.exe details page as a "living document." A rewrite will occur and a temporary "bad info retracted with apology" notice will appear prominently where the bad info once appeared. A permanent "corrections & clarifications" link (to this page) will appear at the bottom in the related links section.M Vmyths.com will apologize to McAfee.com in the subject line of the next What's New newsletter. A link to this page will appear before other items in the newsletter. Vmyths.com humbly apologizes to the experts at McAfee for tarnishing their reputation, and we apologize to our readers for our inferior coverage during a hysteria event. We sincerely regret Rosenberger's error.