Nov 24 2008

Does the banking industry really care about the Sinowal trojan?

Windows Secrets editor Woody Leonhard quoted my “heretic” opinion of the Sinowal / Mebroot trojan. I’ll expand on my comments just to make sure everyone reads my viewpoint…

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Nov 22 2008

New chain letter alert: “Worst computer virus confirmed by Snopes”

You could sign up to receive virus alerts from an antivirus firm — or you could receive virus alerts from a guy who makes paint at Sherwin-Williams. It’s amazing how many people will trust the paint guy to keep them abreast of computer threats…

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Nov 20 2008

A missive to Symantec’s new CEO

An open letter to Enrique Salem, the incoming CEO at Symantec…

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Nov 10 2008

Twenty years … and yet the battle continues

Along the way I’ve exposed numerous “experts” who fell for a computer security hoax. My desire to understand why experts get duped led me to pick up Dr. Madeleine L. Van Hecke’s new book on the topic…

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Sep 07 2008

Russia used cyber hype as a weapon against Georgia

Imagine the frustration Georgia’s president must have felt. Russian tanks & bombers are swooping in, but what does the media really care about? “President Saakashvili, is it true the president of Poland agreed to host your website until the cyberattacks subside?”

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Aug 20 2008

Raison d’être

Waaay back in 2003, I set a task for myself in my belief that everything should fight for its existence: In the long term, in 2007, I want to put Vmyths on trial for its life. Too many things exist when they [no longer have a] reason to exist… What if computer security hysteria drops […]

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Aug 19 2008

Wikipedia babbles about Russian-Georgian “cyberattacks”

You’ll find details on the aircraft, tanks, and rifles used in this conflict … yet nothing at all on the cyber-weapons. Wikipedia offers not a single clue about the Kremlin’s computing might, software armaments, nor even a map of the major IP boundaries…

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Aug 18 2008

Media lacks “thousands feared dead” headlines in Russian-Georgian “cyber-war”

In a physical war, a politician shouts “Christiane Amanpour’s plane landed at the airport, everyone flee for your lives!” In a cyber-war, a coworker shouts “John Markoff’s story just went online, everyone click on the links!” And why don’t we hear stories about, who knows, maybe Georgia’s victorious counter-thrust into Russian IP space where they dropped a Google-bomb on the .ru TLD, or something like that…?

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Aug 10 2008

Irony abounds in USAF cyberspace hysteria snafu

Do you realize the incredible gullibility exploit here? A hostile military could develop a PowerPoint slideshow, mail it to hysterical USAF personnel, and say “please give this widest possible dissemination.” Even if a gullible flyboy finds out he got duped by an enemy military, history predicts he won’t send out an email to retract the slideshow … because it would embarrass him too much to admit “the enemy exploited my hysteria in an official capacity”…

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Jan 20 2008

SANS director confirms the CIA confirmed … absolutely nothing

Want to know how urban legends get started? Allan Paller of the SANS Institute has “confirmed” that (1) an unnamed city once suffered a blackout and (2) some people tried to profiteer from it. And he absolutely knows this for a fact because (3) the CIA told him absolutely nothing. This whopper is truly ironic — because just last October, Paller told everyone to stop telling whoppers…

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