Feb 14 2009

Obama’s intelligence chief coughs up bad cyber-intel

ooooh, I’m sorry! I could never possibly show you how I derived these extra­ordi­narily round yet highly accu­rate figures. Our back­ground data is super top secret mega need to know…”

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Feb 07 2009

France’s navy surrenders to Downadup worm

French navy spokesman Jérome Erulin said “it was a security problem we had already simulated.” It’s good to know the French military keeps up with their surrender skills…

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Feb 06 2009

Security firm taps into sole survivor mythos

Bradford Networks uses weasel words to promote a client as the only brave soul left standing on an Internet battlefield littered with corpses…

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Feb 05 2009

Weeks later — antivirus firms remain blasé over Downadup worm

Major antivirus vendors have remained blasé for more than two weeks. Today, McAfee finally changed their “breaking advisory” notice. It has nothing to do with the Downadup worm…

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Jan 29 2009

Media doesn’t reveal who claimed “20 million” Downadup infections

Have reporters finally started to grow bored with this worm? “Contact me when it actually does something…”

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Jan 26 2009

“Rampant worm”? Pass me the crackpipe!

The major antivirus vendors continue to display a blasé attitude about the Downadup worm. Who in their right mind could predict “potential[ly] 300 to 350 million” infections with no support from the big boys in the industry?

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Jan 25 2009

Expert compares rampaging worm to “Eagle Eye” movie

In the cyber-terror movie “Eagle Eye,” a flabbergasted Agent Perez asks, “what if it’s a decoy to distract us from something fifty times bigger?!?” In a recent Wall Street Journal story, a flabbergasted Ryan Sherstobitoff spouted almost exactly the same line…

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Jan 21 2009

Media hype going up; vendor hype going down

The antivirus firm behind the Downadup hype is now offering prizes to people who test their new product. They don’t want all that global media exposure to go to waste, you know…

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Jan 20 2009

Believe it — reporters yawned over nine million infected PCs

It’s been a few years since the media whipped up a frenzy over a virus / worm — and now an established antivirus vendor claims a worm tallied another 6.5 million PCs in just four days. It’s “growing expontentially” according to one press report. So why hasn’t the Downadup worm generated “the perfect storm” of media hysteria?

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Dec 20 2008

Irony in a U.S. gov’t “cyberwar simulation”

Congressman James Langevin (D-RI) fears America will suffer dire conse­quences in a suc­cessful cyber-attack. It might cause the failure of banking or national electri­cal systems, he said. Strong words. So — did a cyber-attack cause the banking industry to plea for a $700 billion emergency bailout?

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