Nov 10 2008

Website charter

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Every professional website needs a charter to keep it from wandering aimlessly…


  • This website seeks primarily to dispel computer security myths, misconceptions, urban legends, and hoaxes.
  • This website seeks secondarily to improve the reader’s knowledge of lesser-known, technically oriented, and/or controversial issues in computer security hysteria.
  • This website exists for information purposes.

Topics specifically beyond the scope of this website

  • This website does not offer a beginner’s course on "what is a virus." (Surf here for good information.)
  • This website does not review specific antivirus products or computer security services for functionality. (Caveat emptor.)
  • This website does not teach people how to use specific antivirus products or services. However, it will seek to dispel general misconceptions about them.
  • This website does not provide viruses for download. Nor does it teach how to create viruses. It does not provide source code to viruses — not even for so-called "information purposes." Surf here if you want to mess with actual viruses.


  • This website has no interest in running paid advertisements. It operates on a “hobby budget” with trivial income from occasional sales of T-shirts and audio CDs.
  • This website will never accept paid ads for computer security products or services.
  • This website will never accept paid ads related to pornography.

Unpaid endorsements

  • This website contains only unsolicited, unpaid endorsements.
    • Endorsements won’t include a “commission” link, e.g. an partnership.
    • Endorsements typically include a "bias disclosure" explaining why it received an endorsement.
  • The simple mention of (or hotlink to or image of) any product, service, company, or individual does not in itself constitute an endorsement.

Branded URLs

  • This website currently does not provide branded URLs.
  • This website will never provide branded URLs to computer security companies.
  • This website retains full editorial control over branded URLs and provides them at the webmaster’s sole arbitrary discretion.

Your data privacy

  • This domain doesn’t force users to "register" or participate in surveys just to read content.
  • This domain maintains a daily activity log for every HTTP transaction. It records only basic information so we can analyze our most popular pages and sources of traffic. We don’t retain information about specific users or visits from specific countries.
  • This domain provides raw logs to bona fide law enforcement agencies only when forced to do so (e.g. to document an attack).

Website philosophy

  • Comedy is encouraged because it is the single most effective weapon against hysteria.
  • A concise discussion takes priority in an extremely complex issue. (Look for an "advanced topics" hotlink in such cases.)

Dilbert: I’ve been considering acupuncture as a way to relieve stress.

Dogbert: The theory here is that sticking large needles into your body will help you relax?

Dilbert: It sounds silly when you say it.

Dogbert: Sometimes sarcasm helps us think more clearly.