Sep 30 2010

Archive of our tweets for September 2010

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Vmyths archives its Twitter feed for historical clarity. If it went out via our “vmyths” account, you’ll find it here — along with any needed explanations, clarifications, corrections, and apologies. Co-founder Rob Rosenberger submitted all the tweets this month.

  • 1 September 2010
    1. sed “s/Operation Internet Freedom/Operation \’Net Dawn/g”
  • 3 September 2010
    1. Damage from BP oil spill may top $8.7 billion. Damage from “ILoveYou” virus cost $8.7 billion. So they’re the SAME, right?
    2. The REAL reason DoD will crush Pvt Manning? Read “The Stranger” by Albert Camus. #Wikileaks
    3. RT @tremaine RT @cjhc: Snoop Dogg… more infosec cred than #LIGATT?
  • 4 September 2010
    1. RT @J4vv4d An industry that feeds on assumptions led by the ignorant & thrives on fear.
    2. @PCVirusNews Now it’s SIX tweets with a link to Darlene Storm’s FUD column. How many tweets is enough?
    3. #DEPSECDEF op-ed, translated: “We have met the enemy, and he is USB”
  • 6 September 2010
    1. McAfee & Symantec not denying their clandestine arming of Chinese gov’t helped Operation Aurora
    2. @jleyden Why don’t AV vendors offer a bounty to catch criminals behind Zeven, et al.?
    3. RT @gcluley Warning! TechCrunch Europe serves up malware attack Please RT!
      I re-tweeted it after-the-fact so I could send the next tweet (see below)
    4. Hurray! My after-the-fact RT helped save TechCrunch Europe from fate worse than death #humor
    5. My rap video for the “Hack Is Whack” contest it titled “DJ #Ligatt”
  • 7 September 2010
    1. Why does email your pwd in the clear when you register? Is a rapper’s memory that short?
  • 8 September 2010
    1. Entire military reorg’d over agent.btz. Yet no one knows malware author’s name. BWA HA HA! His ego must be killing him.
  • 9 September 2010
    1. My analysis shows “Buckshot Yankee” hype doesn’t match DoD’s INFOCON status. Conclusion: DoD is lying to *itself*.
  • 13 September 2010
    1. Fire the general in charge of “Operation Buckshot Yankee”
  • 14 September 2010
    1. @SecurityHumor Brevity = (soul:wit)
    2. My #LIGATT rap video is finally on YouTube #hackiswack
    3. RT @imaguid [new rant] buckshot yankee: cowboys and indians in cyberspace
  • 15 September 2010
    1. Vote for my “DJ #LIGATT” rap video in Symantec’s “Hack is Wack” contest!
  • 17 September 2010
    1. USAF’s bizarre “cyber” birthday party, 3yrs ago today
    2. RT @kpoulsen AFP falls for 5-year-old “cybercrime is a $105 billion industry” meme. Must update this chart
  • 18 September 2010
    1. @iAlbert …so you’d be plagiarizing your own works, right? :-) #LIGATT
      In reply to a man who speculated what would happen if he plagiarized Gregory D. Evans‘ materials.
  • 19 September 2010
    1. “Cyber” isn’t a real weapon until USAF releases its first cyber AIB report
    2. #spoof David Milam confirms McAfee’s “NewsSniffer” product released 2.64 million tons of atmospheric CO2 in 1998
  • 20 September 2010
    1. @kpoulsen I’ll bet your book is 10x better than the Mafiaboy biopic
    2. Hey Dan Verton, where IS that “mega-worm” you warned us about in 2003?
    3. Did SCADA terrorists delete Bermuda’s power grid? Nope, just a hurricane. Whew!
  • 22 September 2010
    1. @laureltouby Semantic Web: “learn all that is learnable, and return that knowledge to its creator”’Ger
      In response to a woman who offered $10 to anyone who can tweet a definition for “semantic web” in 140 bytes or less
  • 23 September 2010
    1. Miracode “entirely eliminated all threat of internet hacking” 8yrs ago
  • 24 September 2010
    1. Let’s engage in FUD! “Did AOL write #Stuxnet to take out Facebook data center?” It’s as plausible as any other reason, eh.
    2. #stuxnet worm overhyped? Ahmadinajad DIDN’T mention it in UN speech! He DIDN’T even slam Israel for a cyber-attack!
    3. Did Symantec or McAfee provide any resources for #Stuxnet worm? I’m just saying…
    4. @saskboy #Stuxnet uses 4 (!) 0day exploits. Take this advice if you work at a nuclear plant:
      In response to a reader who tweeted “@vmyths I just learned of #Stuxnet worm today. Stories say it spreads by USB, does it use Autorun.inf?”
  • 25 September 2010
    1. Hysterical #Stuxnet tweets are spreading faster than the worm itself #urbanlegends
    2. #Stuxnet: “Langner analysis is contradicted in some crucial respects by analysis from other sources”
    3. @attritionorg Looks like #Syria intel agency reads my op-eds. I’m flattered, but why didn’t they anonymize?
    4. I wish #ligatt sock puppets would tweet “@vmyths Your ’92 prediction for Israeli virus weapon in ’10 was dead on!” #stuxnet
    5. RT @attritionorg @vmyths because they do not fear you sir about 10 hours ago via Seesmic twhirl in reply to vmyths
    6. @57IAS: see the dichotomy? Code researchers in *awe*, not anger, over #Stuxnet. So many gleeful analyses published in haste.
    7. If Israel wrote #Stuxnet, Iran may try to “nationalize” the global AV industry
    8. @57IAS: I’m sending you a badly needed gift. It has a nasty scratch on its CPU but it works great. Use it wisely!
    9. If Israel wrote #Stuxnet and it succeeded, it’s because Iran’s military was a non-combatant
    10. Remember ADVEIS rootkit? The next #Stuxnet will exploit 0day vulns in AV products
    11. RT @DavidHarleyBlog Cyberwar, cyberhysteria: | Bravo! Not FUD; let’s call it “introspective UD.”
    12. In response to @wikileaks tweetk “We are looking for a copy of Stuxnet for analysis. Please Direct Message us.”

    13. @wikileaks 100’s of experts writing #Stuxnet papers, yet you want to waste your own precious resources? Get back to work!
    14. @Israel_Torres shows 1st proof of how #Stuxnet worm invaded Iran’s #SCADA network! #spoof
    15. @stefant @craiu et al. Nation-states don’t engage in “cyber crime.” It’s called “sabotage.” GET IT RIGHT.
    16. Still no full analysis on #Stuxnet, yet media makes it sound like Iran scrammed rods & lost containment. Proof, anyone?
    17. Did the Business Software Alliance write #Stuxnet to force Iran’s govt to pay for all the apps it uses? #spoof
  • 26 September 2010
    2. You know what #Stuxnet lacks? A #SCADA #nuclear meltdown photo the media can publish
    3. #Stuxnet “headlines suggesting it was designed to blow up power stations are perhaps a little sensationalist”
    4. RT @DavidHarleyBlog Stuxnet, Suxnet (my last word on the topic for now…):
    5. Many #Stuxnet infection “estimates have to be regarded as having a serious margin of error”
    6. Two-faced Iran on #Stuxnet: “it’s cyber terror” vs. “no serious damage”
  • 27 September 2010
    1. No hysterical #Stuxnet comparisons to Blaster worm’s power grid attack in ’03. Short memories, all’a ya.
    2. So much hysteria over #Stuxnet … yet the SANS “threat level” remains GREEN. RT this if you’re green, too!
    3. RT @woodyleonhard Stuxnet worm + Iran + mainstream media = Global nuclear meltdown. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid. Infoworld Tech Watch
    4. @craiu OMG! Don’t fly if #Stuxnet invaded your aircraft’s SCADA cockpit controls! Drive to Canada instead! #spoof
    5. Show me the #Stuxnet worm metrics!
    6. “Don’t listen to [#Stuxnet] speculation, it’s just crying wolf”
    7. Did #Stuxnet destroy Siberian gas pipeline? (thx @MarcusSachs)
    8. @woodyleonhard Saw it and RT’d your original tweet yesterday.
  • 28 September 2010
    1. #Symantec claims #Stuxnet uses a reinfection technique found in many fake-AV products. This should impress me?
    2. RT @chris_intel An interesting read: Vmyths » False Authority Syndrome
    3. False Authority Syndrome – Nat’l Business Review quotes “AVG’s Asia Pacific VP of sales” on #Stuxnet
  • 29 September 2010
    1. Amazing nmbr of “news” stories link #Stuxnet worm to UFO invasion
  • 30 September 2010
    1. Stuxnet Security Theatre fails to impress @duckblog #vb2010
    2. RT @woodyleonhard Compare and contrast, class: Paul Ducklin’s #Stuxnet presentation analysis vs more sensationalism
    3. Costin Raiu fears #Stuxnet crew may kill him as a msg to others not to dissect it. You know, fraidy cat’s got a point!

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