Feb 28 2010

Archive of our tweets for February 2010

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Vmyths archives its Twitter feed for historical clarity. If it went out via our “vmyths” account, you’ll find it here — along with any needed explanations, clarifications, corrections, and apologies. Co-founder Rob Rosenberger submitted all the tweets this month.

  • 2 February 2010
    1. U.S. says Al Qaeda cyber attack “certain” in 3-6mo; ITU secretary general warns it’ll “be worse than a tsunami” http://bit.ly/bwUK5l
  • 7 February 2010
    1. Huge explosion at Connecticut power plant. Quick, what’s the SCADA angle? We need to blog it & send out press releases ASAP!
    2. Let’s speculate wildly! “Did Idaho Nat’l Laboratory cause deadly SCADA explosion at Conn. power plant?” http://bit.ly/d2DEwe
    3. Be afraid! Raging hateful dangerous teenage Al Qaeda invaders waylayed a SCADA mistake to raze a greatly ailing power base today!
  • 15 February 2010
    1. Some AV vendors flirt with offensive gov’t programs. Pick a side, guys – either protect or attack your customer base.
  • 27 February 2010
    1. Whew! US DHS confirms hackers NOT behind power outages, train derailments, airline cancellations in Northeast’s latest blizzard.
    2. Cyber-attack in Chile took down power grid, blew up gas lines, killed water supplies– oh wait, it was an earthquake! My bad.
    3. Never forget the threat of a cyber-attack when you’re trapped in a devastating blizzard https://Wmyths.com/column/1/2004/12/25
      The next tweet corrects the broken URL in this tweet.
    4. Agh! A hacker broke into my account and made that typo! Here’s the real URL: http://Vmyths.com/column/1/2004/12/25
    5. Will Chile gov’t plea w/ hackers “please leave alone our vulnerable critical infrastructures” during earthquake recovery efforts?
    6. @TruSecure Okay, I’ll bite. What do your tsunami warning tweets have to do with cyber security?

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