Jun 30 2009

Archive of our tweets for June 2009

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Vmyths archives its Twitter feed for historical clarity. If it went out via our “vmyths” account, you’ll find it here — along with any needed explanations, clarifications, corrections, and apologies.

  • 11 June 2009
    1. Irony, anyone? McAfee & Symantec paid fines for using the same fraud techniques used in fake-antivirus scams…
  • 17 June 2009
    1. Twitter postponed PM over Iran’s riots? OK, I’ll ask: how many Twitter users died because they knew exactly where to find Iran’s militia?
    2. Rumors of Twitter being used in Iran’s “cyber civil war”? Puh-lease. I’ll believe it when I see a body bag labeled “Twitter user”…
  • 23 June 2009
    1. Iran accuses the press of waging a cyber war. Wow, that’s “war”? How long before we TRIVIALIZE “cyber genocide” and “cyber holocaust”?
    2. From 2001 — what word will you cheapen when something worse than a “cyber war” comes along? http://Vmyths.com/column/1/2001/6/17
  • 26 June 2009
    1. Twitter is a cyberweapon against Iran? “BS.” @FoieGrasie notes the IRONY that Jacko’s death crippled protest tweets yesterday…
    2. Why didn’t Obama raise cyber alert when Jacko’s death crushed the interwebs? See http://Vmyths.com/column/1/2003/5/17 for a history lesson
    3. @FoieGrasie Hackers’ DDoS attack = evil + devastating. Jacko fans’ DDOS attack = non-threat + amusing…
      In reply to a user who pondered the impact of Michael Jackson’s death on Iranians’ use of Twitter during a civil uprising.
  • 27 June 2009
    1. KUDOS to computer security experts who DIDN’T tweet in a fit of irony: “Twitter is being crippled _right_now_ with ‘MJ RIP’ tweets…”

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