May 31 2009

Archive of our tweets for May 2009

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Vmyths archives its Twitter feed for historical clarity. If it went out via our “vmyths” account, you’ll find it here — along with any needed explanations, clarifications, corrections, and apologies.

  • 13 May 2009
    1. Media hoopla over Chinese “Kylin cyberwar OS” relies on Kevin G. Coleman — a BIZARRE hypemeister who recently bubbled to the surface
  • 29 May 2009
    1. McAfee yanks one expert’s blog entry … yet retains a hysterical blog from an expert who got DUPED by a “blair witch” hacker video
    2. Obama (!) today spouted the URBAN LEGEND that “cyber attacks have plunged entire cities into darkness.” What cities, and when?
    3. Reporters — Obama’s “cities blacked out” urban legend is now DEBUNKED at
    4. and both slam Obama’s “$1 trillion” guesstimate
  • 31 May 2009
    1. Obama’s “$1 trillion” guesstimate came from a McAfee press release — why couldn’t he get an economic estimate from the Commerce Dept?
    2. Obama’s “plunged into darkness” quote came from a SANS newsletter that cited a CIA analyst — why diddn’t Obama cite CIA analyst directly?
    3. Last year, Vmyths slammed the CIA analyst behind Obama’s “plunged into darkness” quote
    4. Obama’s “plunged into darkness” quote — this is how urban legends go viral, you know…

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