Apr 30 2009

Archive of our tweets for April 2009

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Vmyths archives its Twitter feed for historical clarity. If it went out via our “vmyths” account, you’ll find it here — along with any needed explanations, clarifications, corrections, and apologies.

  • 11 April 2009
    1. WSJ story HIDES its source(s) who insist China/Russa hackers now control the North American electrical grid … why didn’t WSJ name them?
  • 12 April 2009
    1. Irony, anyone? F-Secure expert Mikko Hypponen warns “don’t click links” on Twitter — and THAT tweet has a link to Mikko’s blog…
    2. Food for thought. A bored 17yr-old on Twitter will gain more PR exposure in 1 day than the person(s) who created Conficker months ago
    3. @mikkohypponen The irony of your tweet will make it into Vmyths…
  • 16 April 2009
    1. McAfee applies “virus new math,” claims spam releases 17M tons/yr of CO2. Irony — McAfee’s press coverage released 104.37K tons of CO2
    2. Okay, I’ll bite. Which world-renowned CO2 experts VETTED McAfee’s spam report? I smell a pile of False Authority Syndrome here…
    3. Will somebody please tell me WHO at McAfee came up with this idea to calculate the carbon footprint of “enlarge your penis/breasts” spam?
  • 19 April 2009
    1. Warning to reporters: security experts’ tweets lack focus. This may lead to “stovepiping” (see Wiki) when the next big worm comes along…
  • 27 April 2009
    1. @McAfeeAvertLabs multiple employees spout personal opinions on your corporate account. How long before we see hysteria from one of them?

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