Apr 19 2009

Follow Vmyths on Twitter

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I don’t normally slash my wrists on the bleeding edge of technology. Take Twitter, for example: I spent months figuring out its usefulness to Vmyths.

Don’t get me wrong about Twitter. If my wife were alive, she & I would use it just like our pagers in the early 1990s. I get its usefulness. I just needed to think for awhile about the usefulness Twitter might bring to Vmyths readers.

Vmyths will use Twitter to fight com­pu­ter secu­rity hysteria. Period. You won’t get tweets about our speaking engage­ments or the bad air­line food we ate or the Dr. Who epi­sodes we missed…

If you choose to follow Vmyths on Twitter, you’ll only get tweets relevant to computer security hype. You’ll get food for thought on the history behind the hysteria. You’ll get the non-conformist soundbites that repeatedly get us quoted in the press. You’ll get the philosophical questions that deflate the hysteria. You’ll hear about the experts who hand out poor advice to their customers.

To put it simply: Vmyths will use Twitter to fight computer security hysteria. Period. You won’t see any banal tweets about upcoming speeches, delayed flights, or bad airline food.

You won’t even get a tweet when one of us posts a column at Vmyths. After all: that’s what our RSS feed is for…