Apr 12 2009

New Twitter worm brings out the expert’s irony

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{Update: Mikko Hypponen tweeted “Vmyths is, once again, right on the money. Cheers to Rob.” His kudos spurred at least ten people to follow Vmyths on Twitter.}

F-Secure flunky Mikko Hypponen loves to express his thoughts on Twitter. But he really needs to think before he tweets. Check out this classic case of irony from Hypponen:

“Just woke up and learned about XSS Twitter worm last night. You can see from here how it started. Don’t click links. http://bit.ly/lV34d”

A warning to “don’t click links” followed by … a link. You gotta love irony.

Ironic twitter post from F-Secure virus expert Mikko Hypponen

Ironic twitter post from F-Secure virus expert Mikko Hypponen

In Mikko’s defense, he probably hadn’t yet downed his first cup of coffee. If you’ve woken up next to him like I have, then you know it takes a few sips of joe to get his brain started in the morning.

(Hmm? Oh, I woke up next to him in an adjoining hotel room in the middle of a hurricane. Why do you ask?)

Hypponen rattled off two more tweets a few hours later. See if you can spot the irony:

{#1} I guess there’s going to be quite a few Twitter worms for a day or two. Be careful, don’t view profiles, don’t follow links. Go outside?

{#2} Basic info on current Twitter worms from our blog: http://bit.ly/3xozo #stalkdaily #mikeyy #onedegree #worms

A warning to “don’t follow links” followed by … a link in his next tweet. Like I said: you gotta love irony.

I think we can also say “Mikko Hypponen can’t see his own irony.” Luckily, F-Secure employs a guy named Patrick who can see irony. Let’s hope Mikko sets down with him for a bit of remedial instruction.

Naturally, I tweeted Mikko’s irony to those who follow Vmyths on Twitter