Jan 25 2009

Expert compares rampaging worm to “Eagle Eye” movie

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One expert’s quote in a Wall Street Journal story caught my eye. Reporter Ben Worthen filed a story with the headline “The Conficker Virus: Don’t Panic.” Check out this gem:

Ryan Sherstobitoff, a security evangelist with Panda Security, says it may just be a big distraction to divert attention from “a monster data breach that no one knows about yet.”

You know, I think Sherstobitoff watched the movie Eagle Eye a few too many times. I distinctly recall Agent Perez saying almost exactly the same thing in last year’s cyber-terror cinema. After staring in utter disbelief at all of the implausible things that had happened, Perez barks out the paranoid question: “what if it’s a decoy to distract us from something fifty times bigger?!?”

Next thing you know, Sherstobitoff will spout lines from Cloverfield. “Good grief, that towering monster may just be a big distraction to divert attention from” the invading hordes of aliens in Independence Day! (Which, you might recall, involved a computer virus written on a Mac…)

  • By xfmrhsdNo Gravatar, 8 February 2009 @ 1:18 am

    Not just a mac but SuperMac, kind of like that red Dodge pickup in Twister. Remember the tornado picks up semi’s and spits them out but that Dodge pickup stays planted until the “expirement” “deploys” yup SuperMac I want one o those…

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