Nov 20 2008

A missive to Symantec’s new CEO

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Enrique! Long time no talk. Congrats on the new job title. Hope all’s been well since that time I phoned you re: a root-yielding vulnerability in Norton AntiVirus.

An open letter to Enrique Salem, the incoming CEO at Symantec

But hey, enough chit-chat.

Almost eleven years has passed since we sat down in your office to discuss my impact on your stock price and your impact on the security industry. I think it’s time to repeat the performance. Naturally, we’ll talk about Symantec’s long-term goals & plans under your leadership. And I suspect you’ll want to hear about my long-term plans to bring computer security criticism into the mainstream.

I’d also like a special briefing on each of the following topics:

  1. Why you don’t change your “ThreatCon level” when you announce serious vulnerabilities in your own software.
  2. How you will counter Microsoft’s recent OneCare announcement.
  3. Why you failed to release an antivirus product in tandem with Vista, plus what you’ll do to make sure you don’t miss the boat again.
  4. An overview of your transfer of malicious technology to the Chinese government decade-long penetration into China’s markets, plus the obstacles you still need to overcome.

Please don’t introduce me to an HR rep and don’t flash your purse strings at me. In return I won’t ask for a job, grant, or buyout.

Let’s aim for January or maybe early February when things are still slow. I’ll pay for my airfare & hotel. You pick up the tab at a trendy lunch spot. See you then!

  • By TruthLoverNo Gravatar, 27 December 2008 @ 8:16 am

    Ask him why he profits from scaring his customers.

    The it-security industry makes me sick.

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