Aug 19 2008

Wikipedia babbles about Russian-Georgian “cyberattacks”

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Wikipedia’s coverage of the South Ossetia war dedicates an entire subsection to “cyberattacks and censorship.” If you read it too quickly, you’ll think the Kremlin defaced some websites with photoshop’d pictures of Georgia president Mikheil Saakashvili meeting with German dictator Adolph Hitler.

Indeed, this cyber-war has even spilled over to Wikipedia. The coverage itself is semi-protected from edits by anonymous users.

Oh, the horror. Oh, the atrocity. Oh, the humanity. {yawn}

A subsection on “military equipment” appears immediately after the “cyberattacks” subsection. You’ll find details on the aircraft, tanks, and rifles used in this conflict … yet nothing at all on the cyber-weapons. Wikipedia offers not a single clue about the Kremlin’s computing might, software armaments, etc.

You call this a “cyber-war”? Bah. At least show me a map of the major IP boundaries.

Wikipedia’s coverage begins with a telltale notice: “The neutrality of this section is disputed.” Do tell…